Southern Baptists wrestle with gay hoax

Adelle M. Banks |

(RNS) Officials of the Southern Baptist Convention say they were the victims of a hoax in which a group claiming to be the denomination’s Executive Committee announced it had started to support gay marriage. A website of the “Southern Baptist Convention of America” features a “`welcoming and affirming’ resolution on homosexuals” that it claims was […]

Tuesday’s Religion News Roundup

The more things change … Very religious Americans remain significantly more likely to lean toward the GOP than nonreligious Americans, who often identify as Democrats, according to a new Gallup poll. This trend dates back to the Reagan era, Gallup notes, and has held steady in every national election since the Gipper. Rep. Michele Bachmann […]

Journalist probes Catholic Church’s murky finances

Bruce Nolan |

NEW ORLEANS (RNS) Jason Berry, the muckraking journalist who in two prior books laid bare clerical sexual abuse of children and its cover-up in the Catholic Church, is touring the country in support of a third book investigating the church’s management of its finances, which he describes as chaotic, opaque and occasionally corrupt. Berry argues […]

COMMENTARY: My country, ‘tis of thee

Tom Ehrich |

INDIANAPOLIS (RNS) While alumni from Shortridge High School stood and beamed, 60 singers attending a choir reunion closed our concert with “God Bless America.” We weren’t using patriotism to make a point of supporting a war, or power to the right wing, or to make this a “Christian nation” or send all strangers home. We […]

Orthodox rally to rebuild Ground Zero church

Chris Herlinger |

NEW YORK (RNS) With cries of “Rebuild now! Rebuild Now!” parishioners and supporters of a Greek Orthodox church that was destroyed in the 9/11 attacks rallied at Ground Zero on Sunday (June 26) in hopes of resuming negotiations to rebuild the church. St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and the Port Authority of New York and […]

Faith-healing parents sentenced to 90 days in jail

Steve Mayes |

OREGON CITY, Ore. (RNS) Brushing aside pleas for leniency, a county judge on Friday (June 24) sentenced two members of a faith-healing church to 90 days in jail and three years probation for failing to get medical care for their infant daughter. “Your prayers should complement, not compete with, proper medical care,” Clackamas County Circuit […]

Israeli ambassador backpedals on wartime pope comments

Francis X. Rocca |

(RNS) After strong criticism from the Jewish community, Israel’s ambassador to the Vatican backpedaled from his praise of the controversial wartime Pope Pius XII for his “actions to save the Jews” during the Holocaust. “Given the fact that this context is still under the subject of ongoing and future research, passing my personal historical judgment […]

Supreme Court to review obscenity policy

Jack Jenkins |

WASHINGTON (RNS) The U.S. Supreme Court announced Monday (June 27) that it will examine whether the Federal Communications Commission has the right to ban “fleeting expletives” on broadcast TV. The case will review last year’s decision by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that rejected the FCC’s power to regulate the use of expletives […]

Dalai Lama to host 11-day peace festival in D.C.

Jack Jenkins |

WASHINGTON (RNS) The Dalai Lama will visit Washington next month for an 11-day peace rally that is being billed as “the largest gathering for world peace in history.” The July 6-16 “Kalachakra for World Peace” aims to “amplify the profound, unshakable commitment of (the Dalai Lama) to values such as love, compassion, wisdom and interfaith […]

Monday’s Religion News Roundup

First the good news: Americans’ confidence in newspapers and television news has rebounded slightly, after mucking around at record lows for three years, according to a new Gallup poll. The bad news: churches are coming for our jobs. The Vatican on Wednesday will launch a news information portal that will aggregate information from its print, […]