Monday’s Religion News Roundup

Hope our Protestant friends had a lovely Reformation Sunday. Today, of course, is Halloween; or Samhain, if you’re into that kinda thing. Or, perhaps you’re celebrating Jesus Ween. Whether it’s tricks or tracts your after, be sure not to don a cross-gender costume in Utah, says an LDS bishop. Trying to resist the temptation to […]

U.S. seminaries consider radical changes

G. Jeffrey MacDonald |

(RNS) Reports last month that Iran plotted to assassinate Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the U.S. have enflamed animosity between the two Muslim powers, and raised concerns that violence could mar this year’s hajj pilgrimage that starts on Friday (Nov. 4). More than 1.7 million pilgrims have already arrived in Mecca, the Saudi city where Islam […]

Friday Godbytes

So, yes, some Christians are debating whether or not to celebrate Halloween. But you know what’s also this Sunday? That’s right – Reformation Sunday! Scott Alan at The Christian Century makes the case for celebrating the little-known holiday, and Christian scholar Diana Butler Bass is getting jazzed about the festivities as well. Heck, Killing the […]

Bishops again blast nun’s popular book about God

David Gibson |

(RNS) The nation’s Catholic bishops again condemned a prominent nun’s book about God, in a move that may further fray relations between the hierarchy and Catholic theologians. Given the popularity of Sister Elizabeth Johnson’s, “Quest for the Living God” in parishes and universities, the bishops’ renewed criticism may not help their, credibility in the pews, […]

Historic London cathedral reopens and moves to evict protesters

Al Webb |

LONDON (RNS) London’s historic St. Paul’s Cathedral reopened its doors to visitors Friday (Oct. 28) for the first time in a week, as authorities moved to evict hundreds of camped-out protesters. The church and the London entity that governs the area will ask a court to force the removal of 200 or so Occupy London […]

Crystal Cathedral endorses offer to end its bankruptcy crisis

Adelle M. Banks |

(RNS) Crystal Cathedral officials have endorsed an offer from a nearby California university to purchase the glass-walled megachurch and end its bankruptcy crisis. Despite their decision, church leaders say they are still hoping for a miracle that will prevent the sale, which could move forward in mid-November. “Nothing is final until November 14!” said Sheila […]

Lawyer charges Catholic University with civil rights violations

Josef Kuhn |

WASHINGTON (RNS) A famously litigious lawyer has filed charges against the Catholic University of America (CUA) for not providing Muslim students with prayer rooms that are free of Catholic iconography. John F. Banzhaf III, a law professor at George Washington University who had earlier filed charges over CUA’s switch to same-sex dorms this summer, filed […]

Work-time prayer a struggle for U.S. Muslims

Omar Sacirbey |

(RNS) Dr. Syed Malik is a devoted Muslim who tries, and mostly succeeds, to pray five times per day, as demanded by his Islamic faith. He is also an accomplished general surgeon in Orlando, Fla., who does complex operations that can last hours. Malik, 66, would never leave an operating table to pray. Instead, when […]

Friday’s Religion News Roundup

Concerned about (real or imagined) sagging fortunes among Jewish voters, the White House has scheduled POTUS to address the Reform Jewish movement when it meets near D.C. in December. A law professor at GWU who’s never met a lawsuit he didn’t like has filed a complaint against Catholic University over the alleged inability of Muslim […]

Thursday Godbytes

We are apparently in the midst of a “Digital Bible Explosion,” according to the New Yorker. Floods might be wreaking havoc in Southeast Asia, but these pictures from the Atlantic indicate that Thai Dhammakaya monks are lending a helping hand. When I think Indiana, I think of Jewish life in the 1950s. Wait, you don’t? […]