Anti-Mormon bias persistent in presidential politics

Dennis Wagner |

(RNS) On June 27, 1844, vigilantes cornered a man who claimed to receive messages from God and gunned him down in an Illinois jail after his arrest. At the time of his death, Joseph Smith Jr., founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was an announced candidate for president of the United […]

Pope: Others should be held to same abuse ‘standards’

Francis X. Rocca |

VATICAN CITY (RNS) Pope Benedict XVI told bishops from New York state that “all other institutions” in society should be held to the same “exacting standards” as the Roman Catholic Church in preventing and reporting sex abuse. Benedict spoke on Saturday (Nov. 26), one day before New York’s Syracuse University announced that it had fired […]

Monday Godbytes

Godbytes is back! The Pope is calling for a “credible” international deal on climate change. The Washington Post has a video piece on how the new translation of the Catholic mass is playing out in different parishes. The Washington Post also reports that religious lobbying groups are getting larger and more influential on Capitol Hill. […]

Pope Benedict XVI slapped with charges for not wearing seat belt

Niels Sorrells |

BERLIN (RNS) Just because the pope gets to ride in the popemobile doesn’t give him license not to wear a seat belt. So says an unnamed German man who filed charges against Pope Benedict XVI for allegedly failing to use a seat belt while touring Germany on an official visit in September. Attorney Christian Sundermann […]

Tunisia a test for what ‘moderate’ Islam looks like

Elizabeth Bryant |

TUNIS, Tunisia (RNS) Nearly a year after Tunisia set off the Arab Spring of popular revolt, the face of political Islam in this fledgling democracy is a 47-year-old pharmaceutical executive who favors tailored suits and stiletto heels. Souad Abderrahim’s main political experience was as a student union leader more than two decades ago, but the […]

Was the first Thanksgiving a religious celebration?

Daniel Burke |

(RNS) If you want to prepare for Thanksgiving like a real Pilgrim this year, here’s what you should do: Cancel the plane reservations. Stop jotting down recipes. Leave the libations alone. For the Pilgrims and Puritans, “thanksgiving” days were spontaneous and sober affairs. When friends arrived from overseas, European Protestants defeated Catholics in battle, or […]

Poll: Mitt Romney’s Mormonism could be a primary problem

David Gibson |

(RNS) If Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney can secure the nomination, his Mormon faith shouldn’t be an obstacle for voters in the general election, according to a survey released Wednesday (Nov. 23). That may be a big “if.” The survey from the Pew Research Center shows that white evangelical Protestants — the heart of the […]

Clergy, too, battle porn addiction—often alone

Peggy Fletcher Stack |

(RNS) For years, the Rev. Bernie Anderson carried a shameful secret — one he feared would destroy his marriage, his career, his standing in the community, even his spiritual identity. He was addicted to pornography. Like many others facing a similar struggle, the pastor, now at Wasatch Hills Seventh-day Adventist Church in Salt Lake City, […]