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(RNS) Deck those halls with boughs of apples and top that tree with a finger puppet of Sir Isaac Newton. At least that’s what Robin Zebrowski does at her home in Beloit, Wis., where she and her husband, Joshua, observe the birthday of the great 17th-century English scientist and mathematician, Dec. 25, 1642. They send […]


  1. Many years ago I read a bio of Newton by a well-known author. In it, he posits that Newton actually rejected many core Christian beliefs and actually seemed to agree with much of Pharisaeic Judaism. So what say you, Josh?

  2. Wonderful story! Newtonmas, Festivus, Human Light, there are more and more appropriate winter holiday opportunities for non-theist celebration. Only one thing … the tree topper pictured isn’t Isaac Newton, that’s unmistakably Albert Einstein.