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(RNS) "Love Inshallah: The Secret Love Lives of American Muslim Women" is a new collection of stories about sex, lust, dating, marriage, and divorce by 25 women of diverse religious interpretations, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. By Omar Sacirbey.


  1. I don’t blame nobody for doing this and sincerely I think it would be so bad for a woman to live in Arabic countries, because it is not so okay what is happening there in these times. Women and men should live their lives and the things that they want, no matter the Break the Rules people!
    Aparate Aer Conditionat

  2. What a shame that this book even had to be written. That religious zealotry, which forms the basis for cultural mores among insulated religious groups, has to impede sexual fulfillment or a persons happiness is just another example of the useless, enslavement of the body and mind that religiosity imposes.

    Similarly, Hasidic Jews and their misogynistic culture, subjugates women. Have just started to read Deborah Feldman’s new book about her escape from Hasidic repression. Freightening.