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In recent days, GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum has criticized President Obama for having a ``phony theology'' not based on the Bible. Here's a sample of five of Obama's most personal statements on Christianity since becoming president. By Daniel Burke.


  1. It’s Santorum’s religion that is phony. When anyone starts preaching in the public square and claiming, “My religion is better than yours,” you can be assured that claim of religion is illiterate and extremely immature, nothing but an effort to impress fool listeners. When it’s done in a political campaign, as the theologically illiterate Santorum has resorted to doing, then it’s even more suspect.

  2. Faith without works is dead. Obama has repeatedly taken an anti-Israel position and he is refuses to stand up for the unborn. I do not know what his faith is in, but he certainly seems to go against scripture without regard for the results.

  3. If anything Barack OChirst has shown himself to being closer to what an atheist is than what a Christian is.