Artists painstakingly transfer sacred stained glass windows

Peggy McGlone |

NEWARK, N.J. (RNS) For nearly a century, the stained glass portrait of St. Patrick looked down on parishioners — as if from the heavens — from the massive nave of the sacred Heart church in this city's Vailsburg neighborhood.

Passover prep takes spring cleaning to a whole new level

Michele Chabin |

JERUSALEM (RNS) While Passover cleaning has been around since the Israelites fled from bondage in Egypt, some say the lengths to which many modern Jewish families go to avoid the smallest piece of leavened material has turned the “festival of freedom” into a season of domestic slavery. By Michele Chabin.

Religious leaders press Village Voice on sex ads

Annalisa Musarra |

(RNS) Faith leaders delivered more than 230,000 signatures to the office of Village Voice Media, demanding they shut down the adult advertising section on their website,, where advertisements for sex with underage minors have appeared. By Annalisa Musarra.