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WASHINGTON (RNS) Behind high walls and barbed wire, the inmates of Muslim and pagan faiths are most likely to have extreme religious views and be the least assisted by religious volunteers, according to a snapshot of how chaplains view religious life behind bars released Thursday (March 22). By Adelle M. Banks.


  1. In prison, you have people in their weakest condition. They are suffering abysmally in search of relief from their awful condition, lack of freedom, lack of privacy, forced about by prison employees, many of whom suffer from serious mental/emotional problems at least as serious as the inmates they control. It is a miserable situation, and the weakest and worst place in which to fall for deceits that pass as religious. Religion ought to impress everyone on the outside of prisons to demand changes that end prisons being schools of worse crime.

  2. Thanks for reporting on this important aspect of religion in America. While recycling efforts and ‘redemption centers’ proliferate for our material goods, we have been too inclined to throw away human beings.