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WILMINGTON, N.C. (RNS) Christopher McGarvey is a recent seminary graduate, a cantor at St. Basil the Great Orthodox Church and the brains behind the What Would Jesus Brew class -- part of a yearlong Heavenly Homebrew Competition of church teams brewing individual beers for a fall event benefitting a hospice center. By Amanda Greene.


  1. jesus, i’m reminded, never touched beer, he was high minded enough to know sobriety was the key to his essence, notforthwithstanding, he was able to turn a brown gravy like substance into something akindle to a spice aroma jar of smelling salts, though this -it must be admitted, was not his greatest tricks./

  2. While applauding the worthy cause behind the What Would Jesus Brew? event, and happy that my own church is participating, the pedant in me points out that the answer would be “Nothing!” Beer brewing was a feature of grain growing parts of the world, e.g. northern and central Europe and the Sahel and Savannah regions of Africa. The Mediterranean world, however, was a grape growing region, so their alcohol was wine. Jesus probably didn’t even know what beer was.