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WASHINGTON (RNS) Atheists and nonbelievers gathered on the National Mall Saturday (March 24) in a bid to show politicians, voters and even themselves that they have grown into a force to be recognized and reckoned with. By Kimberly Winston.


  1. Atheists make a deadly mistake when they assume society without God is benevolent and kind, good and peaceful. Study history; most notably the bloody and cruel atheistic Bolshevik takeover of Russia. The godless society created was bleak, heartless, cruel, and endless drudgery. The society atheists create has no way to bring out the good in people, only allow the evil in them. Most notably in our own times: prayer was taken out of school, and now we have metal detectors to prevent guns; prayer was taken out of school, and now we have guns and shootings; prayer was taken out of school, and now we have sex in the stairwells and bathrooms; prayer was taken out of school and now we have suicides. It goes on and on. Atheists benefit from a just society based on Judeo-Christian laws. You are crazy to want a world without God. That is the world of the jungle.

  2. wulfrano.ruizsainz

    In the Old Testament, God Himself ordered Jews to stone to death those who blaspheme against the only true God.

  3. wulfrano.ruizsainz

    Even animals are more grateful to the hand that feeds them than these beasts who gathered in the National Monument.

  4. @Beeb When religion controlled the world, we called it the Dark Ages! No society ever suffered from being too reasonable.

  5. @wulfrano.ruizsainz Thanks, it is good to know that fine religious believers such as yourself believe I should be stoned to death… ad then tortured for all eternity. Christianity is truly the religion of peace, lol. I rest my case.

    PS, there were over 30k non-believers at the Reason Rally, not 8k. You can under report our presence, but you can’t pretend we weren’t there!

  6. @Beeb: Yes, there have been atrocities committed by atheists. But how many more committed in the name of God / gods? Is a belief in supernatural punishment the only thing that keps humans in line? A better question, is it what keeps YOU in line? Do you not find compassion and concern in your heart for the suffering of others, for equality, for an end to suffering, for fairness to all? Or do you only strive for these things because to follow your true heart would land you in eternal suffering? Real ethics come from your heart, from treating everyone as you wish to be treated, not from fear of punishment. It is as true for individuals as it is for whole societies.

  7. The countries that have the highest percentage of organic atheism are also the ones with less crime, a higher standard of living, longer lives due to better medicine, and peace. Even in the US this can be divided by religion. The religious south and midwest have more crime, shorter lives, a lower standard of living, and people that think Toby Keith’s “put a boot in your ass it’s the american way” is a good foreign policy!

  8. Nicholas from Fort Worth

    God loves them too. Too bad they are too blind to see the truth because it really does set you free.