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NEW ORLEANS (RNS) The image of a bearded man that appeared on a stone pillar at the Ursuline Academy seems to be a naturally occurring shadow cast by an ornate chandelier above the sanctuary. But some say its appearance during Holy Week has deeper meaning: "It's got me believing," said pilgrim Kim Thompson. By Bruce Nolan.


  1. Here we go again. Some years back, about 15-20, there was another miraculous shadow on a wall in a small church in Barberton, OH. That time is was the virgin mother of Jesus. It is a disgrace to religion, especially in this age of science, that these “visions” that only select individuals can see, usually common, rather illiterate people like Therese of Liseux. It all makes a farce of religion. It turns religion into a batch of fairy tales. Sadly, clerics feed on this to promote their “careers.” It is the strongest evidence for the challenges of fakery against religion. How cruel would a God be who used all these select tricks to mesmerize people?

  2. Yes, it’s usually old ladies with very little serious study in religion or its history who fall for these “visions.”