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(RNS) Is it okay to ask God to do harm to another person? The theology of such “imprecatory prayer” may be a matter of debate, but a Dallas judge has ruled it is legal, at least as long as no one is actually threatened or harmed. By David Gibson.


  1. Trolling for assassins is exactly what this is. This “chaplain” should be booted from the military. He also should be made to fight in the wars that he promotes. Why are these “cheerleaders for war” not leading the charge? He tells the troops it’s ok to kill, works for the commander, and promotes the justification of war thru the bible. How sick is that?

  2. If tropps didn’t “kill” then some olaces would not even exist, and that incudes the USA. To Chaplains and religion in the military is an oxymoron. You can’t preach peach while at the same time advocating havock.. It should be seperated. And for the the people that say “let God handle his wars”…..imagine how the world would be if we let “God” hand the majority of the would be free will of mankind and this place would be destroyed..or maybe God would have wanted it that way…hmmm