Utah storehouse at top of Mormon food chain

SALT LAKE CITY (RNS) The massive new Utah Bishops' Central Storehouse is the centerpiece of the Mormons' intricate network for taking care of its members and lending a hand to others in times of natural disasters. Holding a can of peaches grown on church-owned orchards, manager Richard Humpherys says, it's “the best food money can't buy.” By Brooke Adams.

FridayâÂ?Â?s Religion News Roundup: NASCAR Christians? Nikki HaleyâÂ?Â?s faith, Colton DixonâÂ?Â?s âÂ?Â?Idol,âÂ? pet shiva

Remember “NASCAR Dads”? Ralph Reed is trolling for NASCAR Christians, as his Faith & Freedom Coalition is sponsoring a car in tomorrow’s NASCAR Sprint Cup series race in Richmond. “There are an estimated 75 million NASCAR fans, many of whom live in battleground states like Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida. This vote has significant overlap […]

Sidebar: Professionalizing Human Trafficking Activism

Catherine Newhouse |

(RNS) Human trafficking, with images of child laborers and sex slaves, is ready-made for the kind of sharing and conversation that characterizes social media. However, the recent popularity and subsequent controversy of Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 video is cited by critics who fault social media activism as “slacktivism”—an ineffective and easy form of social justice […]

College activists draw on faith traditions to fight human trafficking

Catherine Newhouse |

(RNS) For two years of her life, Louise Allison says she looked and felt like trash. She was a straggly-haired teenager sold for sex on Dallas streets. Her traffickers often drugged her and dumped her in a park to await customers. Allison is one of millions of people who have been trafficked—or sold into slavery—for […]

Guest Commentary: Rallying around the sisters

CHICAGO (RNS) When the Vatican ordered a crackdown on the largest group of U.S. sisters, accusing them of spending too much time “promoting issues of social justice,” I was stunned, though perhaps I shouldn't have been, given Rome's historic failure to support its best and brightest. By Julia Lieblich.

Sikhs launch mobile app to report profiling

Sikh civil rights activists will unveil a mobile phone application next week that they say allows air travelers who believe they have been profiled by TSA airport screeners to file complaints directly from their phones. By Omar Sacirbey.