WednesdayâÂ?Â?s Religion News Roundup: Joel Osteen on Mitt Romney, Joe the Plumber on Barack Obama, Paul Ryan on Catholicism

It’s official: Mitt Romney is a Christian. Joel Osteen tells me so. Osteen is also set to sell out Nationals Park for a prosperity prayer rally this Saturday. Billy Graham has a different take: “Instead of serving God, we serve money and things – and they end up controlling us.” The “God gap” persists, and […]

Shifts seen in support for death penalty

WASHINGTON (RNS) The campaign to abolish the death penalty has been freshly invigorated this month in a series of actions that supporters say represents increasing evidence that America may be losing its taste for capital punishment. By Kevin Johnson/USA Today.

Guest Commentary: The body of Christ, broken for me

(RNS) Growing up as a gay man, I felt my relationship with the Catholic Church was over, for it would not love me as I loved it, or as God made me.  I left feeling that I was no longer a part of this community, that I would never experience true communion again. By Nic Arnzen.

Commentary: Morning in middle America

NEW YORK (RNS) In Topeka, Kan., I saw the future of America, and it worried me. I don't want to overstate. I also see much that is good, encouraging, and fresh. I just sense a balance shifting, like a herd that is getting restless and might signal a storm coming. By Tom Ehrich.