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(RNS) Now it turns out that conservative U.S. churchmen living in Rome, including disgraced former Boston Cardinal Bernard Law, were key players in pushing the Vatican crackdown on U.S. nuns. By David Gibson.

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  1. And Catholic lay people in this country continue to “Pray, Pay, and Obey” while such villains as Bernard Law, who was extradited by John Paul II to Rome to protect him from the arm of the law in the United States for his profligate violation of human rights, human decency, and U.S. law, joins with Benedict and other bishops to try to violate the rights of the people presumably members of their own community. The evil Cardinal Law continued to be protected by John Paul’s successor, the current occupier of the papal “throne,” Benedict.

    Who are the stupid ones? If any are more evil than the Catholic clergy who were involved in these sins and crimes of sex abuse of the young, popes, bishops, priests, it is the lay people who continue to warm the pews and drop their money in the baskets so bishops can spend it autocratically on sleazy lawyers and accountants to evade as much as possible every effort to make them accountable to our supposedly just, equal, and respectable legal system.

    The abused children belonged to the lay people, not to the offending clergy at the altars and pulpits! The lay people are still not protecting their own children, most now adults. Who is committing the greater sin?

    The lay people are deluded by clergy who continue with their claims of possessing magical sacramental power. This locks the foolish lay people into the creed that they can do nothing to protect themselves or their young ones from the evils of clericalism. They wrongly believe they depend on that sinful, criminal clergy for their salvation without ever giving a single wonder as to how a sinful, criminal clergy can possibly save them.

    The Catholic Church has increasingly increased its obese system of sacraments since 325 when the bishops saw the political advantage of joining with the Roman Emperor Constantine at the Council of Nicaea to promptly and vastly solidify their power. Is it any wonder that it was called the Roman Catholic Church after that? Those sacraments were obviously evolutionary, increasing the locks the clergy had on legitimizing the movement of people from cradle to grave. That’s called dependence, and the Vatican continues to work on that principle under the cover of its later development of deceitful canon law, a law that only protects it against the disclosure of scandal it causes itself.

    U.S. Catholics, and some elsewhere, are making lots of noise presently about the attempt by the Vatican and its bishops to dominate the lives of people around the world with its latest attack on U.S. nuns. They are adults. They can speak and fight for themselves. What about the children? we continue to ignore, forget the children, our own children?

    How can anyone consider the Vatican Church to be “holy” when it has violated so many principles of human rights and decency over and over and over throughout the ages. Should we be surprised that the lay People of God, which includes the nuns whose human rights are being violated by the Vatican, will continue to sit back in their pews and continue to dump their money into the baskets so the priests and bishops and the pope can continue in their inhuman, uncivil, evil, non-Jesus ways against them? This is as unholy as it is ignorant.