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(RNS) United Methodists ended their General Conference last week without voting on gay clergy or same-sex marriage, a surprising end to a disappointing week for gay activists. By Daniel Burke.


  1. The UMC is in a difficult position. By denying the findings of the mental health community and human sexuality researchers, they will lose a good percentage of their older teenagers and young adults, which are the future of the denomination.

    By accepting the traditional interpretation of the Bible’s clobber passages (www.religioustolerance.ollgbtrg/hom_bibl.htm) they will retain many of the elderly

    But the pain they are costing the LGBT community is immense. The trail of coffins will continue to lengthen for at least another four years.

  2. The Methodist continue to remain far behind in literacy regarding sexual orientation. That is precisely the reason most of them choose that church instead of others. So you’re going to have to wait a long, long time to overcome that literacy (ignorance) and prejudice (bigotry) before the majority allow a healthy and literate match between science and Scripture. Scripture can not remain 2,000 years old and be expected to make sense at this time.

  3. Lance Colkmire

    “Scripture cannot remain 2,000 years old and be expected to make sense at this time” unless one maintains a high view of Scripture as the inspired Word of God. There are unchanging moral absolutes in the Bible.