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(RNS) More than two dozen faculty members have resigned from Shorter University, a Baptist school in Georgia, after it required them to sign a “personal lifestyle statement” that condemns homosexuality, premarital sex and public drinking. By Adelle M. Banks.


  1. Please note that all faculty AND staff are required to adhere and abide by 4 separate documents: the Personal Lifestyle Statement, the Biblical Principles on the Integration of Faith and Learning document, the Shorter University Statement of Faith, and the document entitled A Philosophy for Christian Education. The statistics quoted in the article are way, way off. Since October 2011, when the documents were released, 60 (SIXTY) faculty AND staff members have resigned. Not all of these people, but the vast majority of them, resigned because they are in disagreement with all or some of the documents. Also note that in October 2011 the university employed approximately 320 full-time and part-time faculty and staff members across four separate campuses.

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