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ATHENS, Ala. (RNS) A new film, "Hell and Mr. Fudge,'' follows the story of Edward Fudge as he began an intensive study of the Bible and the doctrine of hell. What he found made him question one of the bedrock doctrines of Bible-based Christianity -- and nearly got him run out of town. By Kay Campbell.

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  1. Words carelessly being thrown around are “torture”, “torment”, and “destruction.”

    The Bible nowhere implies or says that unbelievers are “tortured.” If one carefully and honestly studies the Hell passages, it unequivocally describes the unbelievers as being tormented by their sins. Living an enternal life of regret and emotional punishment by your past sins, sounds a lot like Hell – no relief.

    Not annihaltion, not destruction (where one disappears) but TORMENT. A continous state of painfully knowing whom you have rejected (the God of love) God will not destroy beings he has lovingly infused with his image.