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WASHINGTON (RNS) Conservative religious and political groups held rallies across the U.S. on Friday to protest the Obama administration's assault on "religious freedom" in a new plan to mandate that employers provide contraception coverage for employees. By Chris Lisee.

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  1. Dave,Great post. You absolutely cepaurtd the essence of Lean in terms of how it impacts our attitudes (even more so than our work sometimes). Womack is a realist. He’s seen far more companies fail than succeed with Lean. And the primary reason they fail is they don’t recognize the value of respect for people. Group Health is starting to really get it on that front. We will succeed with Lean only if we keep our patients and our employees front and center during (and well after) our Lean transformation. I’ve been fortunate enough in my past to be a part of several tipping points during Lean transformations at other companies. It is a feeling of accomplishment and rocognition for all the hard work that I can’t describe in words. Group Health isn’t there yet, but we are starting to see glimpses that it just might be possible And how cool is that!?!?And always remember Dave: Some folks think the glass half full, while others think it half empty. But a Lean person knows you simply have twice as much glass as you need