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Japanese police arrest suspect in 1995 doomsday cult poison attack; Catholic bishops consider hiring a spokesperson; New York's Orthodox Jewish population is booming at the expense of more modern Reform and Conservative Jews.


  1. krissthesexyatheist

    I’m just a smiple Nu Atheist, but why would anyone need or want three Bar Mitzvahs. Why. I’m willing to learn.


  2. Our country’s states should consider setting up a marriage definition as between consenting adults of either sex. Then a legal contract for the household’s disposition of goods and children, etc. should be made, as like a will. But the churches should have a separate ceremony for Holy Matrimony between a man and a woman only, or whatever a church considers correct according to God. This would follow the pattern of marriage and/or Holy Matrimony in Europe and other parts of the world. Probably same-sex marriage would not be considered a true “Holy Matrimony” in most churches, then. However, those married would have a legal contract.

  3. Perhaps Mr. Douglas wants another Bar Mitzvah out of thankfulness for his long and blessed life?