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(RNS) The Roman Catholic Church and an evangelical megachurch are among the religious groups applying for newly available Internet domain names. But as .com and .org are replaced by more specific online addresses, should names such as .Catholic and .church be under the control of religious partisans? By Daniel Burke.


  1. That’s if they even need a separate address extension. What’s wrong with “.org” for all non-profits? Of course, some churches are into big profiteering!

  2. And the churches continue making religion more and more commercial. The bigger, the more royal and commercial. You can be sure there big time profiteers in all this. That’s in addition to the admission by Catholic leaders that its magisterium would rule “.Catholic” and violate the natural rights of all its members in spite of Vatican II’s declaration supporting freedom of conscience. Nothing defies the natural rights of humans more than religion. It is vital that we investigate the psychological dynamics of that submission and include honest discoveries in our preaching. Let’s start off with the admission that not a single statement in any of the creeds of Christianity is held with the same genuine belief by great numbers of its members.