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WASHINGTON (RNS) The spiritual leader of the Ahmadi Muslims, a persecuted group who are seen as heretics by many mainstream Muslims, made a rare visit to Capitol Hill. By Lauren Markoe.


  1. Small point of clarification. There are Tens of Thousands of Ahmadi Muslims in the United States, not Hundreds of Thousands (yet).

  2. His Holiness Ahmad did not speak about Ahmadiyya community’s plight. His visit and speech emphasis was about international peace, Justice, rights of the poor and those of the poor nations, and global issue of Human Rights. This reporter must have been at a wrong reception.

  3. Lauren Markoe

    Two valid points, both addressed. The headline now reflects the story. Thank you, readers.

  4. Unbelievable…. around 8-9 months ago i had dream in which Hazoor (atbn) was ready to address bunch of law makers. He asked me to forward a sort of folder (which contained some notes of refereences) and i searched for notes and forward the folder to him. Thats when i woke up. I knew this is coming. His speach met current and future needs to maintain world peace. His point of balancing the values and respect for all countries weigh the most. Indedd, This official introduction of the AMII to US Law Makers will bring in fruitful results.