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(RNS) Syed Farhaj Hassan took a lot of pride in being one of the relatively few Muslim Americans to join the military and then go to war in Iraq. But Hassan said that he’s been “betrayed” by the New York City police department's spying on Muslim communities. By Jason Grant.

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  1. Good! About time people from the minorities in this country who suffer so much outrageous prejudice and deprivation of rights stand up for themselves. Now lets see and hope that our courts can be honest, fair, and truly just. So few judges seem to practice the motto above the portico of the U.S. Supreme Court, “Equal Justice Under Law.” Of course, our original Constitution, before the amendments, was no example of freedom or justice. We are a work in progress, with many setbacks, let’s hope Hispanics and Muslims and Blacks and all others can finally find equality.