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Was Trayvon Martin's shooting divine providence? Backlash against Bachmann's Muslim hunt. Wheaton sues over contraception, the bishops' birth control mandate...


  1. Why the scare quotes on “Natural Family Planning”? I don’t notice scarequotes around “contraception”, “Conservative Catholics” or “Evangelical Christians”…

    Apart from that, keep up the fantastic work!

  2. “Americans are very religious but not very guilty about how much trash we produce”. Is that physical trash or moral trash??

  3. Not all quotes are scare quotes, FiIipe. Some are just meant to signify the exact language used by a religious institution.

  4. Carl Diederichs

    Imagine, Newt Gingrich and the wonderful, forgiving man from Nevada are members of the same church! Gives me some hope for my church. Maybe even Newt can have a real live conversion. We certainly forgive him.