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(RNS) President Obama's support for gay marriage has put some black clergy in a bind, torn between their political loyalties and their religious beliefs. By Adelle M. Banks.


  1. I guess loyalty to God and having integrity to His standards dont really matter to these people. Babylon the Great, your days are numbered. You continue to have relations with the “kings or the earth”…. You truly are a prostitute.

  2. Carl Diederichs

    Loyalty to God? My God! Have you looked at the rate of infidelity among married heterosexuals lately? Loyalty to God? Have you processed your bigotry against gay folks and attempted to find out how they love and care for their loved ones? Just like you!

    Do not condemn what you don’t understand. Our God is a loving God who will never stand in the way of loving covenants make by gay or straight people.

  3. Ive seen the infidelity. And God rightly condemns adulterers as well. I understand completely. Break Gods commandments regarding works of the flesh, no matter what they are and a person will be judged. No, we are not perfect any of us. But, willful disobedience and outright rebellion is something God will not tolerate in the end.

  4. Furthermore, theres nothing against “love” in of itself. But if your practices are something abhorrent to God, you are rightly called a lover of yourself, and a lover of pleasures RATHER than God.

    The “LOVE” of God means listening to His commandments. Obedience. We all have something we struggle with. Imperfect is a plague of mankind. But for those who strive to please God rather than themselves will reap rich rewards. Those who deny Gods own orders, (which some did in ancient times) will receive the malediction. IF you reject God’s laws, He will reject you. His word confirms it. Im not speaking of my own volition.

  5. I totally agree with Sh3LLz. God loves mankind so much that he sent his son to die for us, to cover our sins so we can have a clean standing before God. Christians are warned not to accept the free gift of God but miss it’s meaning/purpose. You CANNOT say to God, “I didn’t listen to YOUR commands and I didn’t follow YOUR word but bless me anyway…” Babylon the Great truly is responsible for the death of ALL people. She hasn’t taught her members to follow God. She has said, “Do whatever you want, there’s no such thing as sin anymore. We’ll consecrate it as ‘an alternative lifestyle'”. We will put our stamp of approval on it and God will just accept it because WE said so… never mind what the TRUTH is…

  6. Permission to speak freely? It appears that this nation — and its churches, including the black churches — are on a collision course with the judgment of God. Apparently we Christians think that America will get a free pass from God while the current residents of the Dead Sea — the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah — did not. Sheesh, we black Christians are so busy trying to compromise with a secularized NAACP and Democratic Party that we can’t even hear the clock ticking anymore.

    Meanwhile, ,many same-sex-attracted “questioners” and “strugglers” are desperately looking to the churches to show them the same kind of saving, cleansing, and healing power by which Christ freed the ancient Corinthians from homosexuality (1 Cor. 6:9-11). But how can we do that when we’re busy kowtowing to the gay marriage activists?

  7. The current administration is the most anti Christ in history if you think that other social issues are more important than the fundamental family nucleus aka man and woman procreation then your dead wrong

  8. I recently read an article stating that black women were the most religious group in America. What a JOKE!! Unless they don’t vote, they are among the 95% of blacks that voted for the most morally detestable president ever. If this vile man wins again, it will be those civil rights-crusading, hypocrite black pastors and their blind “religious” followers who will share in the blame. God save us. We have Obamination or “the boy scouts should accept gays” Romney.

  9. Black churches have fallen into apostasy and wickedness. Of all of the people on earth we should know better! Look at this verse from the Black National Anthem:
    God of our weary years, God of our silent tears
    thou who has brought us thus far on the way
    thou who has by thy might led us into the light
    keep us forever on the path we pray
    lest our feet stray from the places oh god where we met thee
    lest our heart drunk with the wine of the world we forget thee
    shadowed beneath thy hand
    may we forever stand
    true to our God, true to our native land.

    I say that Black people in this country have hearts drunk from the wine of this world and we are about to see God’s wrath fall in a big way. WE KNOW BETTER! And when you know better and do worse, God will punish you.

  10. a sad for the people of god

    these pastors, reverends, ministers and deacons have trully forgotten Whom is it they work for and serve. they have abandon and traded their priestly vocations for political rhetoric and have chosen to be indifferent, to support, or to encourage what has been biblically denounced. you shepards will have much to account for your example and lack thereof before the flock: your congregants and communities with God; for you have chosen to feed the people bread of full worms: opinions and agenda of wicked men rather than feed them the bread of angels: the authorative word of God

  11. How disgraceful for these ministers to support Obama DESPITE his evil support for gay
    “marriage” and his abominable and unequivocal help supporting abortion. With few ex ceptions black churches are a big part of the problem-they have no qualms about child sacrifice due to their concern for “…their rights as African-Americans and economic issues over social issues.” These black ministers in Obama´s pocket worship skin color and their bellies.

  12. I wonder if white churches also are split on this issue? (Sarcasm) This article sort of implies that because these are black churches, they will all vote for Obama because he is well, half black. That is racist in itself, to vote for or against someone because of their race, regardless of their stance on the issues. That is as stupid as voting a straight ticket based on party affiliation only. My aunt does that. Talk about brainwashing.

  13. After being told by healthcare workers and hospitals to always wash one’s hands after using the restroom to avoid contact with feces, which is disease causing. what sane person would tell two men that it is all right to basically “play in it”. That is what takes place in anal sex which is not only disease causing — STDs producing and contributes to anal cancer which is rare among heterosexuals — and injurious (tears anal canal which makes it easier to contact STDs.) These type of behavior among two men and the other type of behavior among women is not “love” but lust, plain and simple. God created men and women to bond and reproduce with each other, mainly to proprogate the human race. The answer to bad marriages is to make laws that put less stress on heterosexual marriages and to have church programs to help couples get along. Giving benefits to homosexual couples that belong to heterosexual couples to raise children is not the answer.Some states have “marriage penalties”. Married couples are taxed more, so this discourages people from doing the right thing. Politicians who vote for such things should be voted out of office. Also, people should avoid fornication (sex outside of marriage when single) and adultery (affairs outside of marriage while married). Fornication and adultry cause all kinds of diseases and psychocological problems from broken affairs. It also is the main cause of abortion, which is basically child murder.The grace to remain pure andchaste comes from God not man, and many chuches have the Sacraments which help people to obatain a pure life if they are used rightly. It is and can be done. What people think of us does not matter in the end, just what God thinks of us.

  14. I fail to see what President Obama has done for the blacks. 14% and higher unemployment since his election, greater numbers of abortion (one abortionist even claiming on YouTube that his sole purpose is to abort ugly black babies!), breakdown of the family unit, fatherless families, etc. You are such a beautiful race but I believe you have been manipulated into believing that the Democrats (who formed the KKK not the Republicans) are the only party for the black person. I love to listen to CL Bryant, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Star Parker, Alphonse Rachel, Kevin Johnson, Allen West, Herman Cain, etc. etc. who are brave enough to really listen and see what conservatives are saying. The Republican party is certainly not perfect but I have to say that now I have seen after years of voting Democrat that they are a party that still believes in the sanctity of life, the marriage between a man and woman, and that being able to support your family (not the government) and keeping God in our lives is important. The Democratic party is mainly pro-choice, will be voting on putting same-sex marriage on their platform, allowing welfare without having to get a job, and dishonestly passing Obamacare with the impression that it is going to be free. All you have to do is go on line and read the 2700 pages of Obamacare and see what it is going to do to this country and it will NOT be free.
    The Pastors will stand before God some day and have to answer to how they led their flock and if they lead them astray because they believed that social justice trumps abortion and gay marriage. No political party is worth losing your soul over so really consider standing before Him when going in that voting booth and hear His words, not your pastor’s nuanced words or the political rhetoric. Let Our Lord do the talking to your hearts.

  15. Felicia your comments are theologically correct in their structure. As a PAW pastor I’m not supporting the double talking statements coming out of the political mindedness of anyone on this critical issue of same sex marriage. How can it be that it is possible to oppose the devil’s work, but support the person who is doing the works?