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(RNS) On the first Monday of September, America honors working stiffs by taking a paid day off. But does Labor Day celebrate an enterprise that God invented as a punishment? By Daniel Burke.


  1. Well written. I grew up hearing that “work” was a part of the punishment for Genesis 3 as well. But that just isn’t the case. Man was created to be purposeful and to work. What changed was that where he formerly tended things and subsitence literally fell into his lap he would now have to struggle for subsistence while pursuing his purpose in life.

  2. Forget about theology, original sin, or whatever: WORK SUCKS!!! The less of it we can manage to do, the better. A few people may get some gratification out if it but for most of us work is nothing more than soul-sucking, agonizingly boring drudgery. Dignity? BS! Our aim should be insofar as possible to minimize the amount of work that people have to do and, if possible, free as many people as we can from it. There is absolutely nothing good about work!