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(RNS) The man who circulated the trailer of an obscure anti-Islam film, promoted it on his website and posted it on social media was a little known Egyptian-American Coptic Christian activist who lives near Washington and proudly touts his ties to Quran-burner Terry Jones. By Daniel Burke. 

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  1. Although clarity is needed as to the true identity and or non-affiliation of the film’s promoters, the idea that one person, one film, this “spark” is responsible for igniting a forest fire which is already ablaze is exactly the slippery slope that radical Islam is using to reduce our first amendment right into a battle within, having us constantly judging the level of political correctness necessary to properly communicate our feelings, our ideas, our religious beliefs, or whatever. When was the last time ANYONE took up the cause over the twisted, revolting and offensive depictions of Jesus Christ, his followers, Israel or the Jewish? It doesn’t and will not happen because this is part of the radical Islamic, anti-American agenda, which we are swallowing hook line and sinker! Obviously most Americans do not agitate, physically harm or kill others. But consider the cost as we squelch all to protect those who will not stop the violence against us and our allies until America has been brought to her knees by her own hand.