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(RNS) Mitt Romney has an evangelical problem. Or so we’ve been told by the national media. But there’s one glaring problem with the storyline: It’s not true. By Jonathan Merritt.


  1. I’m not surprised at the number of “Christians” who have disdain for our President. I am surprised at the number of “Christians” who will vote for someone claiming to be a Mormon – especially someone who claims to be evangelical.

  2. God can use the man who has a willing heart. We need a new heart as well as a strong mind in the seat of President of the United States.

    (….read the Old Testament account of the Kings, who by the way were voted in by mere sinful people, who thought they knew what was best for them…sound familiar?)

    Praying for our Nation…

  3. Not only is Mormon theologically ridiculous, the LDS has a corporate structure that would exploit the fact that a Mormon rose to become President of the world’s most powerful country in their aggressive overseas missions.

  4. Far too much emphasis on religion…especially Mitt’s. There has never been any evidence that his church has exercise any dominion over any group of people. Just leave them alone. Mr. Romney knows how to fix things…I saw it at the Olympics and there was absolutely no hope for them happening when he came in. Religion is personal. Leave it alone.

  5. Are Christians interested in having the country run like a corporation? Corporations are about maximizing profits for the owners. They care little about employees, the environment, or anything related to the public good. This should be our concern about Romney, not his religion.

  6. George Demetrion

    This presidential election will pose a serious test to the evangelical community. Either they will be voting for a candidate whose religious affiliation is with the Mormon Church, which historically evangelicals as a group have viewed as a cultish religion or those whose natural affiliations are not with the President will reluctantly vote for the Democratic candidate because he is the authentic Christian in the race. If they vote for Romney based on ideology and morality, then by definition they are implying that these matters trump religious affiliation. If that becomes the case, they will never be able, with integrity, to base their vote on the identification of the candidate as a Christian. If that becomes the case, thence from this day forward they will accept the time honored principle of religious pluralism in the public square and reject any notion that radical faith in Christ is the litmus test in voting for a candidate. More radically put, that will imply that they would even be willing to vote for a Muslim or an atheist if that candidate is in accord with their views on morality and ideology and is of good standing character.

    Praise the Lord!

  7. Doesn’t it bother anyone that the entire mission of Romney’s church is to take over the US government by force because it is “the promise land” and needs to be accomplished before the “latter days”? Romney is a high priest in his church and has gone through ceremonies where he has promised on his life to follow their mandates. You may not think it is important that he is not Christian-he believe Christ was a man born of a god and who became a god with wives and was the brother of Lucifer-but doesn’t it concern you that he has beliefs that do not even have historical proof and that he plans on being a god on another planet in another universe? And that is only a small part of the “unusual and disturbing” things he believes. I know these things because I studied with Mormon missionaries and a high priest of LDS.

  8. LN –

    A lot of what’s in your post isn’t right.

    For example, we Mormons do *not* mean to take over the nation by force.

    And “high priest” is used generically to refer to a level in the priesthood. Any given Mormon congregation that isn’t “young 20-somethings” will have about a dozen or so if it’s big enough. That you supposedly met with one and still harbor such a misconception raises warning flags.

    And if you had studied with the missionaries, you should have learned that the “brother of Lucifer” bit is overblown. Everybody is the literal spirit sibling of everyone else, with Jesus as our older brother.

  9. I am grieving over our nation because the current candidates do not align with some of our important Christian values. It is sad to see how we have compromise God’s truth to fit our own agenda. We are more committed and devoted to a political party than God’s truth. Evangelicals have stated in the past that the Mormom faith was a cult and does not share the same beliefs as the Christian faith, but because there is no Republican candidate that has Christian background we compromise to vote and settle for Republican candidate who beliefs are contrary to Christian faith. people say that his religious background will not impact his decision although I do believe he will have an influence to bring more accreditation to the Mormon faith. We should be more concerned about bringing more people to salvation. “Be careful, however, that the exercise of your rights does not become a stumbling block to the weak.” 1 Corinthians 8:9. I am Republican and have been struggling thinking about the idea of voting for a candidate who does not know Jesus and about salvation, and a democratic candidate who is for same sex marriages through prayer and reading scripture I have reached a conclusion I will not be voting because I refuse to vote for someone who will astray people from the faith and the truth. I am more worried about God’s truth. I pray that will we stand for the truth and not compromise and rely on our own logic and wait to make a decision about voting and seek God for an answer and instruction. I pray we remain in prayer for this nation and our leaders and for their salvation.