Wednesday’s Religion News Roundup: Halloween’s real message. Saint James Bond? Is the Reformation over?

As Hurricane Sandy retreats, many stop to ponder the meaning of such devastation. What is a religious response? Proof of God’s judgment? Or God’s absence? Sandy has cast a pall over Halloween this year, in some places. Is the Reformation over? Or reigniting? The Vatican floats the idea of setting up a special Lutheran church inside the Roman Catholic Church.



Lesbian answers bishop’s call for dialogue on gay marriage

SPOKANE, Wash. (RNS) The Catholic bishop here has asked for an honest dialogue about same-sex marriage, so Charlene Strong was happy to take him up on his offer, telling a Catholic campus why the state's domestic partnership law was insufficient when her partner of 10 years was dying. By Tracy Simmons.

Library of Congress exhibit celebrates Jewish history, artifacts

WASHINGTON (RNS) A 19th-century copy of the U.S. Constitution in Hebrew, a 15th-century Hebrew book that had been censored during the Inquisition and a copy of
“Curious George'' in Yiddish are all part of a Library of Congress exhibit celebrating one of the world's largest collections of Jewish artifacts. By Debra Rubin.