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(RNS) As Mitt Romney has moved to the center in a successful effort to catch President Barack Obama, he has also muted -- or even muddied -- his previous opposition to abortion rights, a shift that has left some conservatives aghast. But longtime anti-abortion activists are telling their followers to "chill out." By David Gibson.


  1. Romney is now saying that employers should not deny women contraceptions through insurance providers. Every woman in America should have access to contraceptions-Romney. I wonder what the U.S. Bishops think of this? Romney has flipped so many times on this issue.

  2. “Womens health” should never have become a government issue, they just made it up in order to control the populations of the world, I wish all women would see this Truth. Many are waking up, especially the black population, mostly because of the real history behind this propaganda is aimed at them.

  3. Gibson gives himself away when uses such terminology as “anti-abortion leaders”. Only those who think abortion is okay use such language.

  4. No one is against women’s health. But many of us are against killing your own children and forcing others to be party to these murders.