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(RNS) The Knights of Columbus, a wealthy and influential Catholic charitable organization, is a leading funder in efforts to make same-sex marriage illegal in four states that have ballot measures on the issue this fall, according to a coalition of gay rights groups. By David Gibson.


  1. Jack Hainthaler

    Apperaing in the Herald News an article titled ” Catholic group fights measures” I take issure with the last part of this piece ” the single largest funders of discrimination, nearlt 60 percecent of all anti-equality efforts on this years ballots.

    The positions of the Knioghts of Columbus are not discriminatorty or anti equality, but rather reflect the religious belief in marraiage as the union of one man and one woman.

  2. Don’t the Knights have the right to state their opinions publicly and work within the political system to advance what they believe is true, as any American organization does? For the HRC to call them discriminatory is quite intolerant, judemental and discriminatory themselves. This article hardly presents a fair and balanced perspective.

  3. Amsdorf, the Knights do NOT have the right to use money donated by Catholics for the poor to discriminate against people. Most Catholics support at least Civil Unions and wouldn’t be giving the Knights money if they had known what it would be spent for. The money doesn’t belong to the Knights. It belongs to the poor and needy for whom it was given.