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(RNS) Billy Graham has been featured in ads supporting a North Carolina anti-gay marriage referendum and supporting “biblical values” in the upcoming national election. Why has the famed evangelist – who has said he learned hard lessons about being too political – getting so involved in the 2012 elections? By Adelle M. Banks.


  1. Even in his advanced years, Billy can see what is at stake in this election, and, although it would be easy and comfortale to be silent, he simply must speak up and speak out for the truth.

  2. Billy paid MLK’s bail out of thew Birmingham Jail. The “religious right” leaders have all called Billy Graham the Anti-Christ at one point or the other, for reasons ranging from his civil rights support, to associating with Catholics and other non-Baptists, to ministering to Democratic presidents. When Billy dies, Franklin wants to invite these same name-callers to his funeral. Franklin, like Mitt Romney, has forgotten the face of his father.

  3. How can someone call a man that refused to seat blacks in separate sections at his revivals in the south, a bigot??? Jay apparently doesn’t know anything about black history.
    I read in Billy Graham’s book that if he could change anything in his past it would have been to be less political. It is sad that he forgot that lesson. Neither candidates are the answer to this world’s problems. It is sad that so many Christian leaders think so. They are leading the people that God gave them to tend astray.

  4. This is just another way that Christians are becoming lukewarm. Or maybe they aren’t even Christians, hard to tell.

  5. The problem with Franklin Graham is that he doesn’t know if he wants to be a pastor or a politician. I’ve heard the Rev Tullian Tchividjian speak only a few times, and I like what I hear. We as the Church need to be careful and not take our eye off the ball. We are not only being attacked from the outside but also the inside. There should be great concern with the rise of the socalled word-faith movement and the prosperity gospel. Why isn’t there anybody questioning where some of these pastors are taking the GOSPEL? Now Franklin Graham is pushing his dad to cozy up to Mormonism. I never thought I would see the day.

  6. Billy Graham was treated for normal pressure hydrocephalus according to news reports. NPH is associated with loss of cognitive function (dementia) which often persists and worsens. Who is really speaking when Billy speaks these days?

  7. Billy Graham is correct. We should vote for the only Christian running for Preskident, Mr. Obama. The Mormon cult does not believe in The Trinity (Jesus is not God.)
    Mormon men may become gods and women are eternally pregnant.
    Mormons baptize for the dead to make everyuone Mormon.

  8. WHAT “biblical” values is Billy Graham wanting to uphold? People, let us face FACTS, nowhere in the bible does it say that marriage is one man and one woman, that is something that was totally made up in the last part of the 20th century.

    Mormons used to believe in polygamy. Romney’s grandfather fled to Mexico because the laws of the United States were being broken by him because he was a polygamist.

    Many people in the bible had many wives, heck, Solomon had about a thousand wives and a slew of concubines! One man, ONE WOMAN a biblical “value?” Lunch meat…err…baloney!

    Although many people still believe that the myth of Adam and Eve is true, it isn’t. All peoples have an explanation of how we all got our start. Some backward people still believe that evolution and global warming are not real and that our planet is only 6 thousand years old. What is FRIGHTENING is that some of them are in the House Committee on Science and Technology. No wonder that this country is behind most of Asia and many European countries, they would not permit religious bigots serve in their governments.

    SCIENCE proves that humanity began in Africa, not the middle-east. Polygamy is rife in the middle east! Biblical values? Ignorance, bigotry, and stupidity!

  9. I accepted Christ at a Billy Graham crusade when I was eight – and I am now a pastor. Rev. Graham is being used, has allowed himself to be used, and I am very disappointed in him. He has a “right” to his personal opinion, but he will always have an outsized pulpit – which shouldn’t be co-opted for partisan politics.

  10. Tullian certainly comes across as more intelligent than Uncle Franklin who has been anti 0bama for some considerable time and has allied himself with such characters as Sarah Palin , Pat Robertson, Donald Trump, Glenn Beck ,the birthers, Liberty University activists and the tea party racists. I imagine the BGEA ads are the work of Franklin and Mark DeMoss, not Billy himself. Surely tax-exempt organisations such as the BGEA and Samaritans Purse, Focus on the Family etc should be party political neutral at least in public?