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(RNS) I understand that older folks have a hard time letting go. We were once the repository of fresh ideas, exciting dreams, and change-the-world aspirations. But the fact is, at some point the youth deserve to be heard. After all, they are even more legion than we are -- and they are dreaming the new dreams. By Tom Ehrich.

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  1. Gosh, Tom, did you have to make me feel even more of a geezer? With our retirement accounts in shreds, pushed out of our jobs to make way for younger workers, and nobody wanting to hire us 50-somethings, is it any wonder we cling to our religious institutions like leaking life rafts? We’re already battered in spirit and you lower the boom? I’d be more inclined to endorse your advice if you came up with a way for all of us to participate in shared, collective leadership that would make use of the best all of us can offer. We’re not all washed up, you know.