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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (RNS) It's one thing to talk about God's will when life is good. It's another when a doctor is saying your baby won't live. Eric and Ruth Brown were forced to consider religious, medical and ethical issues most parents never will. By Bob Smietana.


  1. God bless them and keep them. She is an amazing gift and she blesses all who see her and love her.

  2. Carl Diederichs

    But God’s will? No. In spite of the illness, not loves her and her parents. God does not will pain or suffering on anyone. Not the God of Jesus Christ.

  3. Perhaps they went against god’s will: perhaps god let them know the feotus’ condition in order that the fetus be aborted. Who are we to say we know what the will of god is? That, to me, is the height of hubris. To quote Proverbs, in the King James Version “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” Claiming to know god’s will seems mighty proud and a sign of a haughty spirit, indeed.

    None the less, I hope the baby has a painless life, and the parents take comfort when she does die.

  4. Life begins at conception. God is the giver of Life. Thank you for your strong stand against abortion. All life is precious to God. May the Lord continue to give you His peace and hope in the days to come,