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(RNS) Pollsters and politicians hunting for the rare and elusive undecided voter might want to train their sights on the pulpit. By Daniel Burke.


  1. Thomas Mitchell

    Interestingly, this article or site does not appear to allow comments. I tried to post one, fairly long and it never did so I am trying something shorter.

  2. Pastors should stay out of politics. Frankly, any member of any religion needs to stay home. You have proven your. Minds don’t work right. Stop hurting us.

  3. Thomas, this site does allow comments. What kinds of problems were you having?

    Daniel Burke

  4. This isn’t surprising, and actually a bit encouraging. Myself, a Protestant minister, am undecided due to the lack of alignment on moral values with President Obama, and the subtle unearthing Mormonism can pose to the pillars of the gospel of Jesus.

  5. I agreed with with Southern Baptist leader Richard Land comments on why I will not vote for either candidate for President. His now new found reason now to vote for Romney is exactly the reason why many have no faith from the pulpit. He gives Biblical reasons and now they are no longer good for him. God word has not changed. Gods word is still true.
    I am a Independent Baptist Pastor and I will write in a candidate for president.