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Our resident religion & politics guru Mark Silk assesses the religious layout of 12 battleground states - and explains why religion will matter on Election Day.


  1. Both political parties better tone down the “God Talk” because the “nones” are becoming a voting bloc. Atheism is on the rise and don’t appreciate being ignored.

  2. The ATHEISTS deserve to be IGNORED, along with the Socialists and Communists!! What a DESPICABLE ilk!!

  3. Just use any search engine with “Mormon” and “baptize the dead”. The results of the search show a complete disregard of people deep held beliefs and a antitheses of religious freedom. You can have whichever religion you want, but only they are right and will baptize you to their true faith after you can’t stop them. Once again, Mitt’s real beliefs on any subject are hidden in his Etch a Sketch.

  4. Raymond Takashi Swenson

    While you credited Mormons as constituting about 5% of the Nevada population (my calculation shows just over 6.3%) the Arizona population includes about 5.7% Mormons, which you do not mention. That is about 374,000 people, perhaps 300,000 of voting age. Colorado has slightly higher than the national average, with 2.6% Mormons in its population, or about 137,000 people.

    The key question is whether Romney will pull in Democrats and Independents of any religion beyond the people who would vote for ANY Republican candidate. When margins are close, though, Romney’s religious affinity with Mormons who are Democrats or Independents could swing as many as ten thousand votes in Colorado or Nevada, and several times that in Arizona, and make a difference in the outcome. So we await what actually happens.

    On the comopletely unrelated topic of Mormons performing vicarious baptisms on behalf of their dead ancestors, the standard Christian theological position is that people who did not become Christians before death are in hell and will be there for eternity, no matter how exemplary their lives. The failure of Christians to evangelize most Chinese, Polynesians, and Muslims condemns them all to hell for the “sin” of not hearing a Christian missionary. Which attitude seems more congenial to you?

  5. One aspect regarding North Carolina that wasn’t mentioned is the large growth of the Catholic Church in the state; due to not only the large Latino population and the in-migration of people from the northeast, but to converts from other denominations. The number has doubled in the past decade.

  6. A person’s religious base will determine his actions. Religious and civil liberty is the product of the Christian Protestant Reformation. It has never been established in any other culture. Islam, Popery, atheism, etc. are all incompatible with the religious and civil liberties of the West in general and the US in particular. The more non-Protestant Christian religion flourished, the greater loss of liberty and its blessings of prosperity. This study seems to bear testimony to this truth.

  7. Good point on Arizona Mormons, Raymond. Thanks for mentioning that. Generally, we only included the top four religious groups (in terms of percentage of voting pop.) . We included Mormons in Nevada because they are expected to be a small but important factor. We’ll take a look at Arizona, and may tweak our map accordingly. As always, thanks for reading.

  8. Remember DangerousTalk, “none” doesn’t mean atheist. You forgot the agnostics, seculars, and detached believers. When you do the math 19.6% ( round to 20%) of the nation is “none”, but only 5% is atheist according to recent surveys.

  9. My husband and I both voted early, and it would be interesting to see the ‘early’ vote count down and the balance of who is left to vote i.e. today having the vote to be done. We have moved in the last three years to a different location and have noticed at least in the neighborhoods where we are a great mix of people and their nationality origins. So it would be hard to pinpoint I think at least generally speaking the breakdown of those who are actually willing to vote for one who is morman, verses what the pres. considers himself to be, but in reality appears to be very much of the ‘musilm’ influences in behavior and in values. A very disturbing status to say the least. My view of this whole subject matter is the Evangelicals really have no good choice to make, it’s either the ‘morman who wants to be considered as Christian and all who are real Christians know that isn’t true. Or to vote for one who who wants to be considered ‘christian’ but in reality is more ‘muslim’ and that again is not a good choice to make. So it’s two wolves dressed in Sheeps clothing and one is hiding it a lot better than the other. I am not happy with the choices available, but went and voted early, and am still getting calls to go vote ! The opinion polls haven’t stopped either, and it would be nice of course if you could actually get a live voice to give the real opinion of the selections available. But everyone or should I say 99% of all the opinion polls are pre-recorded, which makes me think they don’t want to hear the real opinion of the ones to be voted for in office. Sad but true. I have prayed yes, and want the best for our country but realize that this year as it seems more so with each election is giving many of us the feeling or sense that the Lord is giving us limited time available to be here on the earth, and that we really who are HIS, should be out sharing the Word much more so than we have been doing. For the window of Evangelism is getting shorter with each year passing and the ‘underground’ church is becoming more and more of a reality in a country where Faith use to be free in expression and acceptance and now it’s being muzzled by those who use to let you speak freely ! This is AMERICA, land of the FREE !!! What happened ? We have unwittingly allowed those who saw this freedom as opportunity to overule the Christian and Judeo faith, to be overrun by those who do not believe as we do and this is the price we are paying for it. What happened to FREEDOM ? for the CHRISTIAN ? for the Jew ? Pray for your neighbors, and be a real neighbor to them. I know I need to do this too!