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(RNS) Gay rights supporters are marking Election Day 2012 as a turning point in their quest for marriage equality as opponents deny a cultural shift in American attitudes. By Lauren Markoe.


  1. The Church needs to engage their communities with love and compassion so that Church can change the country beginning at the local level. Consider:

  2. Too many Christians and churches have let the world re-define ‘love’ to suit the agenda of the spirit of our times. Christians that want to join the battle against this perversion of Scripture need to do more than vote. They need to get back to basics and understand them with the Holy Spirit guiding them rather than the spirit of the times.

  3. I have no idea what it is like for a man to love (or to be so attracted to) another man that he wants to commit to living with him in the closest possible intimate.union for the rest of his life.
    I have a pretty good ideas what it is like for a man to love (and to be so attracted to) a woman that he wants to commit to living with her in the closest possible intimate union for the rest of his life. That is why I married the girl of my dreams.
    If the same-sex attraction is anyway near the attraction I had for my girlfriend I can understand why gays want their homosexual union to be recognised by the state on the same basis as a heterosexual union.
    Of course state recognition is probably more concerned with the implications the marriage union creates regarding property and possessions, and in the case of heterosexual union the wellbeing of offspring.
    As far as I am aware gays are not agitating for a church or religious blessing on their union. They want equality before the law of the state – not the church.