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(RNS) As the nation's Catholic bishops gather in Baltimore next week, they will be facing questions about how they will cope with the re-election of President Obama. But also looming is the question of how they will deal with Bishop Robert Finn of Missouri, who in September became the first bishop found guilty of covering up for a priest suspected of child abuse.

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  1. Micheal Brown huffnpuff brown Forgotten Australi

    i can only hope that all these child abusers in the catholic churches and that of all other churches and those who worked with children in government organisations in childrens homes , church childrens homes , schools where ever a child was cared for or under trust by the abusers that they all are prosecuted and for all those who have been protecting them by covering up records of child abuse or that of victims naming abusers that they will all be prosecuted its time for all the corruption and cover ups stop right around the world for the sake of our childrens childrens and grand children and that of their grand children , at least our children and grand children will know we have tried our hardest to rid these abusers and put them in gaol so that they will be protected in the future years to come