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BALTIMORE (RNS) The Catholic bishops gathered at their annual meeting couldn’t agree on a statement on the economy, but with a unanimous voice vote on Tuesday they easily backed a measure to push sainthood for Dorothy Day, whose life and work were dedicated to championing the poor. By David Gibson


  1. I find it fascinating that no one, from EITHER side, religiously or politically, has commented on this post about Dorothy. You mean, after all that bantering from the last few articles, NO ONE can complain or congratulate? I tend to think the lack of comments would tickle Dorothy silly! She has shut up EVERYONE from their ridiculous divisiveness. Perhaps only a true saint can do that….but to dismiss her that easily can only mean one thing… she is something much more….a true MYSTERY. And that’s where we’re called to be…Live in the balance of paradoxical mystery, people! It’s the only place we’ll ever come together.

  2. The US bishops are free to present their case to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, of course. That will get you beatified and she will then be the Blessed Dorothy. But you don’t get to be an actual saint without performing two official, documented and investigated miracles. Some applications for sainthood have been pending for centuries … so don’t hold your breath. This could take a while.

  3. Nov. 21st: I was talking with a friend this morning who worked for Dorothy Day…I have great admiration for Dorothy Day…it’s obvious to me that all that went on in her life was a passionate search for God, for meaning. She fell and she got up and kept going, she fell and she got up…and kept seeking. Her life should be an inspiration for all of us who seek holiness, wholeness…never give up!!! I once heard Glenn Beck – who I dislike, I must admit – rant on and on about how Dorothy Day was – he mentioned many terrible things and I wish I could have reminded him that he was a drunkard and worse and yet, by God’s grace he turned his life around…when I see Dorothy Day I see a woman who fell in love with Christ and sought to serve Him with all her heart and soul, all her being…daily, in small ways and big ways…He was always the object of her love, her compassion, her self-giving…I believe she will one day be canonized. I pray she will…

  4. My grandmother met Dorothy Day several times and admired her. I have a short note from D.D. written to my uncle upon his ordination in 1956 that is a family treasure.

    Another friend, a German Jew who left Germany before WWII to marry an American and converted to the Catholic faith, worked at the Catholic Worker with her. She, too, was an admirerer who was so in awe of Dorothy she never mustered up the courage to speak to her.

  5. I am not Catholic, though I admire the faith. I think Dorothy Day deserves to be counted as a saint. She stood up for her faith, and the poor, much like Mother Teresa did.