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(RNS) In the wake of historic victories for gay rights supporters in last month's elections, a pair of USA Today/Gallup Polls find growing acceptance among Americans toward gay men and lesbians -- and soaring optimism among gay Americans that issues involving homosexuality will one day no longer divide the nation. By Susan Page/USA Today.


  1. American’s opinions may be changing fast, but God’s truth is unchanging. Thank God for the Catholic Church.

  2. (Rev.) James Dallen, S.T.D.

    This will not be the first time that the Church has been on the wrong side of history and has had to “develop” its teachings. I do not expect the Church to change its position on sacramental marriage, even though procreation is no longer regarded as the primary purpose of marriage. I do think it will eventually re-evaluate its views on the morality of same-sex unions but without admitting the spouses to the sacrament.