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STOVER, Mo. (RNS) In any denomination, Christians confronted with the shocking news that a pastor has been accused of sexual misconduct, many congregations circle the wagons. But what happens when those circling the wagons around their pastor are also those who have to make the ultimate decision about his fate — his career, his paycheck, his reputation? By Tim Townsend.



  1. Nothing like twisting the words of Jesus and using them to threaten your flock! “If you don’t forgive me, God won’t forgive you.” In other words, if you fire me, you will be in breach of the Lord’s teaching. Classic cult-figure behavior.

    I’m a Southern Baptist pastor. And I’d like 10 loving minutes with that deacon board. And then two not so loving with that “pastor.” He is a “male goat,” a la Ezekiel 34.

    And I detest him.

  2. agreed @Locke… also, it’s a great way to sidestep the possibility of getting sued if you claim “no responsibility” for individual churches and their pastors… I think the SBC needs to change that but I don’t guess they will. That would put them in harms way.

    Also, that policy and the DISUNITY of all these “independant” Baptist churches is a mark of false religion. Jesus Christ said UNITY would be a mark of his TRUE disciples. See 1Corinthians 1:10