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(RNS) "Oh, God!" That cry has echoed ever since news of the horrific Newtown school shootings. As the names of those who died are made known, that cry is followed by a question: Why? Why does God allow evil? By Cathy Lynn Grossman/ USA Today.


  1. Why so much suffering?

    Do you know why people make the mistake of blaming God for all the suffering in the world? In many cases, they blame Almighty God because they think that he is the real ruler of this world. They do not know a simple but important truth that the Bible teaches. The real ruler of this world is Satan the Devil.
    The Bible clearly states: “The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.” (1 John 5:19) When you think about it, does that not make sense? This world reflects the personality of the invisible spirit creature who is “misleading the entire inhabited earth.” (Revelation 12:9) Satan is hateful, deceptive, and cruel. So the world, under his influence, is full of hatred, deceit, and cruelty. That is one reason why there is so much suffering.
    A second reason why there is so much suffering is that, mankind has been imperfect and sinful ever since the rebellion in the garden of Eden. Sinful humans tend to struggle for dominance, and this results in wars, oppression, and suffering. (Ecclesiastes 4:1; 8:9) A third reason for suffering is “time and unforeseen occurrence.” (Ecclesiastes 9:11) In a world without Jehovah as a protective Ruler, people may suffer because they happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Why does God allow it? A vital issue raised.

    When Satan led Adam and Eve into disobeying Jehovah, an important question was raised. Satan did not call into question Jehovah’s power. Even Satan knows that there is no limit to Jehovah’s power. Rather, Satan questioned Jehovah’s right to rule. By calling God a liar who withholds good from his subjects, Satan charged that Jehovah is a bad ruler. (Genesis 3:2-5) Satan implied that mankind would be better off without God’s rulership. This was an attack on Jehovah’s sovereignty, his right to rule.
    Adam and Eve rebelled against Jehovah. In effect, they said: ‘We do not need Jehovah as our Ruler. We can decide for ourselves what is right and what is wrong.’ How could Jehovah settle that issue? How could he teach all intelligent creatures that the rebels were wrong and that his way truly is best? Someone might say that God should simply have destroyed the rebels and made a fresh start. But Jehovah had stated his purpose to fill the earth with the offspring of Adam and Eve, and he wanted them to live in an earthly paradise. (Genesis 1:28) Jehovah always fulfills his purposes. (Isaiah 55:10, 11) Besides that, getting rid of the rebels in Eden would not have answered the question that had been raised regarding Jehovah’s right to rule.

    God has allowed mankind to determine whether they will CHOOSE His way or their own. As we can see, man’s governments have not been able to bring peace and security. It is VITAL then to come to know the TRUTH about God and his purposes.

  2. Give me a break, Jay.

    You just engaged in massive rationalization to somehow reconcile a religious concept with a harsh reality: a belief in a loving, benevolent, merciful god that truly cares about us, yet sits idly by while children have their heads blown off by an automatic weapon in the hands of a troubled individual.

    He’s all-powerful, which means he could have easily stopped this, even reaching into the young man’s mind and fixing the problems there….but he didn’t.

    He’s all-knowing, which means he knew this would happen, ….and yet did nothing to alter circumstances in some manner.

    He’s loving, merciful, and benevolent, truly caring about us, his favored creations. Those of us who love our family and friends know what this type of love means….we’d do anything to help them, such as the teachers who took a bullet for their students in CT, or the young men that shielded their girlfriends in Aurora, sacrificing themselves for their loved ones. So god, since he feels this same love for us, would do anything to help us, especially innocent children that can’t help themselves….and yet he did not.

    Spare us the rationalizations, please. You can try to twist reality to fit your theology, but the simple truth remains: either the god(s) that is there simply doesn’t care enough about humans to intervene, or there is no god(s) at all.