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VATICAN CITY (RNS) The Roman Catholic Church, trade unions and small business associations have joined forces in a bid to save Sundays. By Alessandro Speciale.


  1. Hey this is a good idea, but they have got the wrong day to have free:

    And yes…it may not appear discriminatory, but it will be one day.

  2. For those who still study scripture we know where this is headed. It excites me to witness the Word of God being fulfilled every day. So many things that are taking place around us and yet most people are dormant even those sitting in the pews each Sabbath day. Let us continue to pray and seek God’s guidance as this country and those afar continue to fulfill the Word of God. Blessings.

  3. Everyone should be entitled to a day of. Let each business and each individual choose which day to close and work. Friday for the Muslims, Saturday for the Jews and Christians and Sunday for rhe Catholics. We must all be free to choose who we will serve. Government can make it mandatory to choose one of the three.

    • It would have made sense if the government would give a “rest day” which could be based on your religious belief, but that will not possibly happen. The battle is between God and Satan. God says by keeping holy His day, the Sabbath, you are accepting his authority. The Antichrist (Catholic) system’s mark of authority is keeping holy the first day of the week (Sunday). It is your choice if you wish the worship the beast (by accepting his mark of authority), or worship God on His day. Unfortunately the entire world is so deceived (as predicted in the Bible), that very few people even realise the truth about the Sabbath. I was one of the deceived ones, and my family and I only learned the truth about the Sabbath about 2 years ago.

      Articles like this makes me excited, it shows how near the end is, as the Daniel and Revelations’ prophacies are playing off in front of our very eyes!

      Another lie in the world today is about what happens when we die. This is very closely tied with the lies about the Sabbath, as it is used as a tool to make people believe in a “second chance” to do things “right”. Have a look at this page for truth about death:

      I can’t wait to go home!

      God bless!

  4. Why does is it when church and state get together on something it usually turns out bad for the people? When the state becomes involved in church matters it usually taints the religious aspect. I also agree with the others the sabath and the day from work needs to be on the Lord’s day which is Saturday not sunday.

  5. PRIESTLY WORLDVIEW by Airfox 2013 April 26 Wed. 12:15
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    In basic practical terms, We die with a cause. We must not live our dying bodies. We our recalling this life into such existence. Death is not a final stop but a beginning of wisdom.
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  6. Just another step in bible prophecy. Sabbath is Saturday. Always has been always will be. Soon they will persecute the people who want to follow the bible and worship on the real Sabbath.

  7. God is not man that he may lie.What he has revealed to Daniel and John(Revelations) is being fulfilled.I am glad i worship the God of the true Sabbath(Saturday) and i am praying for those who have been deceived by the beast to know the truth about the Sabbath.

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