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WASHINGTON (RNS) As bells tolled across the country on Friday (Dec. 21) in memory of lives lost in Newtown, Conn., religious leaders gathered outside the Washington National Cathedral to push congregants and Congress to prevent further gun violence. By Adelle M. Banks.


  1. Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    I do not own a gun and will never own one. But I object to the media’s monotone on aiming at guns as THE problem. THE problem, in my opinion, is our violent culture:: Blood splatter movies, video games that tutor who to be a mass murderer, etc.
    But to show the gross media bias (also called protecting their own media conglomerates) on this issue–I have been reading in the media poll after poll asking if people want stricter gun laws. Fine! I agree with some of what anti-gun people want to do. But, not one, NOT ONE poll was reported on (if there were any) asking if people want both stricter gun laws AND stricter laws governing video games and violent movies. Consequently one can rationally conclude that the media is using polls on the gun control issue to help draw attention away from what many, many Americans really want:: Controls regarding vicious violence put on the video game and movie industry (which many surveys show are all interlocked in ownership and personnel).

    • Rev. Alan Peacock

      The good Deacon is right. The idolatry includes not only guns but a culture of death and glorification of retributive violence that is promoted by movies and video games. As a teacher of young ones as well as a Pastor of a community of Christians, I understand that this is as great a problem in our society as we have ever faced. People of all faiths should indeed cry out for and end to the glorification of violence and seek peace.

  2. I think they are all missing the boat. Its not guns, video games,movies…its an immoral culture. All of these churches need to take responsiblity for becoming PC and tolerant and straying from the Bible. Your child should be able to discern wrong from right from the time they can operate a controller. If we preached a moral environment, these things would not be so coveted in the first place. And lastly, none of those desires will send you to Hell unless they come before your faith in Jesus.

  3. Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    Today the 2 Boston dailies ran reviews of Tarantino’s latest blood drenched movie epic.
    The Herald reviewer extolled Tarantino’s wonderful use of bloodshed and violence as entertainment.
    But the Boston Globe Reviewers were in virtual religious ecstasy over the blood and gore they say are in the movie (I won’t give the makers a cent of blood money to see it.)
    In the column where the Globe awards stars to movies, Tarantino’s movie got double the stars of any other current movie even though it is described as “grisly kitsch” in the same story praising the movie.
    Globe reviewer Ty Burr listed Tarantino’s “Django” in this year’s top ten movies and refers to it as “bullet-riddled..shamelessly violent– and one of Tarantino’s best.”
    Then Globe reviewer Wesley Morris put Tarantino’s blood feast in his top 10 ( number 5) after describing it as “a grisly romance western”
    So why doesn’t the media go after its own blood crazed “whackos” who are turning our culture into a nurturer of massacres. Instead I frequently see the word “whacko” or the like used by media people to describe the NRA or other defenders of the Second Amendment who own guns for self protection.
    But which is truly sick (and more dangerous to society)– someone owning a gun for self protection — or someone waxing enthusiastic in public about blood, gore, and violence as entertainment.

  4. You should know that many clergy are standing up for the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment. As an Ordained Minister, I have started “Clergy in Support of the 2nd Amendment” and I am working to get as many clergy as possible to sign on! Check it out:

    An open letter to my fellow clergy:

    Joint Statement:

    Facebook page:

    Second Amendment Debate Underscores Need for Moral Consideration – Pennsylvania Pastors’ Network Urges Christians to Consider “What Does God Say?”

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