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(RNS) "A Jefferson Bible For the 21st Century'' takes Thomas Jefferson’s slice-and-dice Bible one step further. By Kimberly Winston.


  1. If Humanists do not seek an absolute principle or claim to have one then how sure are they of the categories they reason upon?

    For instance, the contradiction of any category will be possible( or even probable at certain points). Any time the absolute is vacated the ability to reason a point consistently dies. If you don’t believe me test the thesis and see for yourself( but you have to push it as far as it will go first).

  2. Kimberly:

    John Adams was our second president, not Jefferson. I don’t say this to embarrass you, and I do NOT ask rhetorically, How can serious readers be asked to take you seriously when a mistake this elementary is made? It was like trying to drive a pickup across a field and getting hung up on a rock right as you left the lane. It was a huge distraction that killed the piece. Fuss at your editors.

  3. ” . . . Jefferson would be happy to see his Bible read as a way to understand his own private take on religion, . . . ”

    If this is the way the Bible is interpreted then isn’t it plain to see that there really is no one “Bible?” There are, perhaps, millions of versions of the Bible in people’s heads and whatever interpretations they choose to give to its various parts. When people quote the Bible which interpretations are they quoting?

  4. It is impossible to conceive that Jesus’ Words were only those of Red letters that appear in the New Testament. The entire Bible is the WORD OF GOD- Jesus is God-ALL of it is His Word. I find it ludicrous how humanists use this to “prove” what they want to believe. They ignore several facts: Jefferson gave a large amount of his personal money to have many copies of the ENTIRE Bible printed. He was an original member of the founders of the Virginia Bible Society. He had Congress pay for pastors to be sent as missionaries to the Indians to preach the Gospel. These and several other facts that are intentionally ignored by not only the humanist society, but many others give proof to the charge that they are intentionally rewriting history. Your article proves it. Our nation has clearly lost its biblical base. No, it has intentionally thrown it out. I weep for the future of our country.

  1. […] Thomas Jefferson is perhaps most famous for slicing and dicing the Bible and creating his own–with a paste pot and a brush.  And the American Humanist Assocation is getting his version of Jesus out there by distributing electronic and book copies of the Jefferson Bible to incoming members of Congress as well as President Obama.  Religious News Service reports: […]

  2. […] Religion News Service: Humanists slice and dice the world’s sacred texts The American Humanist Association has delivered electronic and paperback copies of Jefferson’s highly edited version of the Gospels to all incoming members of Congress and to President Obama. The so-called “Jefferson Bible” was handcrafted by the second president with a razor blade and a paste pot. He cut what he considered supernatural events — the virgin birth, miracles and healings — from the story of Jesus’ life, and pasted together what remained. In letters to John Adams, Jefferson described this as tearing down the “artificial scaffolding” from Jesus’ teachings. […]