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Somewhere Roger Williams is shaking his head. The California-based Barna Group and the American Bible Society say Providence, R.I., is America's least biblical city, at least based on regular Bible reading and belief in the “accuracy” of the Good Book.

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Sally Morrow

Sally Morrow

Sally Morrow joined Religion News Service in March 2012 as Photo/Multimedia Editor. She is a photographer and editor based in Kansas City, Mo. Morrow has worked as a multimedia editor and photographer at Newsday, The Des Moines Register, and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.


  1. Horatio Hornblatt

    They ran God out of the schools and someone else took his place, but they’re blaming it on “guns.”

    • Constitutional law forbids public schools from leading students in religious practices. What a horrible country we live in!

      If only it had been a private Christian school, I’m sure God would have prevented the shooting. Because that’s how God works.

  2. Horatio Hornblatt

    Joe Biden and the term “respect” shouldn’t even appear in the same paragraph. Biden isn’t widely respected, nor does he respect others. The way he conducted himself in the vice-presidential debate was not other than contemptable.

  3. I am not surprised at these statistics. These same cities too often produce some of the most barbaric acts of inhumanity to man.

  4. While there probably is a strong trend toward secularism in these cities, I think the strong Catholic influence in some of these cities would account for a perspective of a people who might consider themselves as biblical but not biblically minded. Biblically mindedness for some mainline faiths would connote a fundamentalism that some would not consider appropriate as a foundational principle to the governance of a city or state.