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(RNS) Whether to avoid the raunch, or simply to capture part of the Super Bowl’s supersized audience, some religion-oriented programmers are producing their own halftime shows.


  1. Halftime Alternative!
    Great idea.
    Thank you for passing this on.
    Entertainment from last year was more of indoctrination to Pool of Fire University….so many have sold their souls to reap fame and fortune. The little Detroit harlot from last year is proof positive that Satan reigns in show business. Well his day is almost over and the frogs that haven’t jumped out of the boiling pot of water will make a tasty meal for the old Deceiver.
    Yes…We are praying and fasting for them, so they make it out of the pot.
    Please do likewise.

  2. It’s about time! Who wants to listen to someone who thinks She all that ! She said that She lip synced at the presidents (DICTATOR’S) event!!! Lets for once have some really GOOD FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT THAT EVERY ONE CAN ENJOY!!!!

  3. We’re inviting some family friends and clergy to watch the game with us. Our halftime show will be recitation of the rosary.

    • CL-
      When you arrive at the third Glorious mystery please ask the Holy Spirit to convert each viewer of the game to return to the Sacraments. Please.

  4. It is time the American people start to demand MORE family friendly viewing programs and not just at half time. Cable cost so very much and if you want to stay to something that has great moral and family values, as God has ordained them, there just aren’t many stations to choose from.

  1. […] In direct response to the Jackson breast-baring, Sky Angel, a national Christian television network, the next year offered a halftime alternative to Paul McCartney singing “Hey Jude,” with a special that included testimony from Christian athletes, as well as commentary about the Patriots-Eagles matchup…. Read this in full at […]

  2. […] According to Religion News Service, Catholic TV and EWTN are teaming up for the Faith Bowl, which involves Vin Scully, so it can’t be too bad. And Yeshiva University will be showing (online) The Torah Super Bowl Halftime Show, featuring scholars who draw athletics-themed lessons from the Hebrew Bible. […]