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COLUMBIA, Mo. (RNS) Evangelical theologian David Lamb tackles some of the Bible’s most troubling passages in his book, “God Behaving Badly: Is the God of the Old Testament Angry, Sexist and Racist?” His answer: yes and no.

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Kellie Moore

Kellie Moore

Kellie Moore (formerly Kotraba) serves as the editor and community manager of Columbia Faith & Values. Although she is originally from the West – Nevada and California – she’s now proud to call Missouri home.


  1. “Racism” and “sexism” are ten-minute-old obsessions of liberalism, cookie-cutter cartoon ideologies that masquerade as epochal moral insights but which only serve the interests of particular groups in their struggle for ascendancy over other groups. To submit God to these categories is a waste of time; they’re even useless in understanding humans.

  2. Whether positive or negative, everyone imagines the God they need to validate their views. No one really knows anything about God. I have no doubt that someone will advise me to read the Bible so that I can “know” what they “know.” It’s easy for people to believe the unbelievable when its alleged to have occurred long ago and far away–beyond the reach of serious examination.

  3. Unimpressed in SF

    “The very first thing we learn in the Bible is that women are divine – they are God-like. Now, men are too, but I think most men think this already.”

    I think of Schleiermacher’s appeals to religion’s “cultured despisers”, trying to placate the momentary prejudices of a certain class. The tone of this piece paints the professor as one of the legions of Christians who are anxious to show that they and their religion are “groovy.” The above lines indicate that women are to have their group ego massaged and it’s “cool” to engage in a wink-wink put down of men.

    If this is what “evangelical” means, I’ll pass.