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(RNS) Leaders of Catholic and Reformed churches have signed an agreement to recognize each other’s sacraments of baptism in a public step toward unity among groups often divided by doctrine.


  1. […] In recent years, ecumenical relationships formed between Protestants and Catholics have strengthened. Beyond sharing common basic doctrinal beliefs, (The Trinity, Salvation, etc..) Protestants and Catholics are getting better at how we treat one another. Mostly because of leadership within both traditions. Much of how this new Pope leads the Catholic Church will set a tone throughout Christianity. Protestants will wait to see if this new Pope will begin a period of transformation. Will we see more ecumenical acceptance of marriage, sacraments, membership, and ministry like the Catholic agreement with Reformed churches on Baptism? […]

  2. […] [i] Adelle M. Banks, “Catholic, Reformed churches agree on baptism,” Religion News Service, (posted 31 January 2013; downloaded 12 May […]