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A new report from a left-of-center advocacy group says conservatives changed their message on gay marriage in 2012, and lost four straight fights to stop it.


  1. President Obama isn’t the only one who has evolved. Those opposed to same-sex marriage have also evolved. The message used to be Biblical-based, but has since moved further and further away from that argument.

  2. 2008: Save the children. (opps, Some children, or their parents, are gay)
    2012: Save religious freedom. (opps, All houses of worship are already free, and businesses are not “churches”)

    2013: Stop gay marriage so straight couples stop having kids before being married. (opps, This one has to be the grand daddy of lies)

    Fool me once … fool me twice …

    I do not think the US Supreme Court wants to be made to look like fools. Well, at least not the majority.